Corporate Images, Inc. is a premier custom ink, embroidery, apparel, promotional products manufacturer and supplier

Custom Cut and Sew

Bring your idea through production and into reality.

Our expertise is with small to medium start-ups as well as up-and-coming companies.We handle all projects the utmost confidentiality.

All markets of apparel and apparel related sewn goods including, but not limited to: women’s wear, men’s wear, children’s wear, outerwear, luggage, bags and other sewn accessories.

We work with you to refine your ideas in order to successfully bring your garment into production. A few things our consultation may include are: assistance with choosing fabrics and trims, developing and refining the style of the garment(s) and/or product line suggestions. Consultations can be in person, over the phone and/or via email.

We also know how to sell to buyers and can offer experience-based advice on how to market and sell your line.


Our in-house graphic designer can work with you to create a logo to enhance brand identity you wish to achieve. If you are uncertain of your brand identity, we can help you to develop your niche.

We are able to use artwork – either provided by you or created in-house – to develop and produce consistent brand labels, hang tags and any other packaging you need.

Component Sourcing

We source both in the United States and abroad to find appropriate component at the correct price. We are able to source everything from fabric to brand labels and trim to hang tags to thread. We even source non-apparel-related items.

Common Components:

Self fabric is the main fabric used to construct the garment, whereas contrast fabric is fabric of a different type, texture or color added to the garment for visual interest.
thread Thread must be appropriate in terms of color and strength relative to the fabric of the garment.
Trim is the decorative components on the garment. Findings are all the components besides fabric that are used to produce a garment. Examples of findings are labels, thread and closures:

Coil – These are typically made of nylon or polyester and the teeth are created in coil form. These are the most common form of zippers.

Molded – These can be made of plastic or metal. The teeth are individual pieces that are set into the zipper tape at uniform intervals. This type of zipper is used in denim jeans.


Flat (sew through) – These have 2 or more holes punched into the button. The thread is sewn through these holes to attach the buttons.

Covered – These are covered in fabric and have a separate back piece to secure the fabric.

Shank – These have a loop protruding from the back to the button. The thread is sewn through this loop to attach this type of button.


To ensure the correct fit and specifications of your product, we create pre-production samples including:


The first sample created to show the style and silhouette of the pattern. These samples are made out of muslin or plain knit.
Samples created to ensure that the fit is correct for all sizes. These samples are usually made out of muslin or plain knit.
preproductionsamples Samples created for final approval before the production process begins. These samples are made from the same fabric as the finished product.


We create industry-standard patterns, so you don’t have to.

Once the pattern is created, we grade the patterns to create the sizes that you want. Grading is the process of adjusting base pattern into different sizes.

Finally, we arrange all patterns on a marker for the most efficient use of your fabric. A marker is a layout of all the pattern pieces that need to be cut into the fabric.

Depending on the size of your production and your budget, we can produce either domestically or overseas.

We have an ongoing relationship contract sewers right here in Denver. If your product is produced domestically, it will be made in Colorado.


We also have relationships with sewers in China, but we will not sacrifice quality. We are able to implement inspections prior to shipment of the final product.

Once we have produced your goods, we have the capability to store, track and ship them. Learn more about our warehousing and fulfillment capabilities here.



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Meanwhile, please take a look at our Cut & Sew Glossary to familiarize yourself with a few commonly used industry terms.