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Is Corporate Apparel the Better Marketing Strategy?

Corporate gifts are considered effective merchandizing tools. Custom-made items with corporate images are far better advertising material than expensive billboards and paid media ads. The reason is obvious; people tend to keep items they can use for practical purposes and hold on to them longer. Memory retention comes easy when people see the company’s logo and name on a shirt they wear on Saturday morning runs or just to lounge in on a weekday.

It is the same reason why most companies issue corporate apparel to their employees. It is part of the company’s branding that increases visibility. Apparel with a logo or corporate image embroidered or printed reflects the generosity of the employer and their positive attitude towards their staff. It encourages employees’ productivity and sense of belonging. It also gives the client a sense of security knowing they are dealing with a company that takes pride in keeping their staff happy.

Reasons why corporate giveaways are more economical promotional items

  • Giveaways are small items you can buy cheaper in bulk
  • Printing of corporate images is likewise cheaper by the dozen
  • You only buy when you need it such as during conferences, seminars, product launching, and business opportunity meetings.
  • Event giveaways are special souvenirs worth keeping, thus, brand retention is guaranteed
  • Custom polo shirts with embroidered company logo are free walking advertisements and have longevity.

Popular merchandising products

  • Coffee mugs
  • Key chain
  • Ballpoint pens
  • Monogrammed towel
  • Silkscreen printed T-shirt
  • Embroidered polo shirts
  • Matchbooks
  • Lighters

Of all the corporate giveaways, embroidered shirts hold a higher value because the production

cost may be a fraction more than the other freebies. However, there are embroidery shops specializing in corporate promotional products that charge less for bulk and repeat orders. You can find embroidery in Denver, Colorado where high-precision embroidery machines and digital imaging produce high-quality output in less time.

Why visual merchandising is more appealing? Let’s admit it; we are attracted to visually pleasing presentations than what we hear.  That is why promotional materials are aesthetically designed to catch the eyes of the customers.

This is where corporate apparel comes into play. Whatever type of advertising campaign you choose to promote your company’s image, always consider its maximum consumer impact at a minimum cost. Effective branding ultimately converts into sales.